About Us

StampFair.com started up in 1998, making it the oldest stamps only online auction on the internet.

It is a privately owned and operated amateur auction site, located in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina.

Previous to The StampFair, I was a collector and wanna be dealer of stamps, stamp related items and supplies.

At one point, we were also the largest all stamp site by number of lots. In those years we had more lots total than ebay.

We have outlasted almost all of our competitors, but were devastated by the arrival of a new site that hit like gangbusters a few years ago.

I encourage you to move your business to The StampFair as we have a very nice bulk upload system (.cvs) that I will be MORE than happy to help you with. Many other sites have an export function that would allow you to upload your items to The StampFair.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me

With best regards

Russ Romei


The StampFair